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Student zip-lining

Over the Potomac River, through the woods, nestled right into the side of Virginia's Appalachian Mountains sits Pine Creek Retreat Center.  The changing colors of leaves,  abundance of sunshine, and scenic mountain views made a lovely location to host Grace Academy's first ever, combined, Upper School Retreat.  One hundred and seventy-seven students, staff and parent chaperones enjoyed daily activities such as zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, and evening bonfires. Morning devotions and evening services were lead by Pastor Chris Rudisill of Hub City Vineyard where students were challenged spiritually on the topic of identity and knowing who they are in Christ.  Many students and staff commented that they enjoyed getting to know each other outside of school and seeing some students really come out of their shell.  Principal Mark Koontz mentioned the importance of "disconnecting and building relationships," in a meeting with students prior to the trip, and we believe that Upper School Retreat just scratched the surface to an awesome school year filled with faith and friendship!