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Picture of the Grace Academy at the "Old Broadway School"

Grace Academy was established on December 1, 1976, in the four-room Downsville schoolhouse. With only five students enrolled, Mary Michael set out to develop a school where academic excellence and Christian character were a priority. Within six years, five students multiplied to over one hundred, and more students called for more space. In 1983, Grace Academy found a new home at the "old Broadway School," giving Grace the room it needed to expand and include all grades from K-12. The '83-'84 school year began with much anticipation as Grace Academy opened its doors to high school students for the first time, and it was in that year Grace Academy would hold its very first graduation ceremony.

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Grace Academy's first graduate, Pamela Baldacchino (Crowner).  Continue reading the article below.

The First Tassel To Turn - Article from the Knightly News, Issue 6